Field Suites at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Field Level Suites

Unique View with a True VIP Experience

We get the question all the time - “What’s the deal with the suites that you see on TV that are behind the goal/ goal post?” Those are the Field Suites at Mercedes Benz Stadium, and they offer one of the coolest experiences in all of Major League Soccer and the NFL. Not only do you get the plush finishes of the suite- complete with comfortable padded seats, a spacious and luxurious “living room” and private restroom - you also are just six feet from the field with an incredible view of plays developing from behind the goal.

 What Are Field Level Suites?

Field Level Suites offer the most exciting and unique perspective for the Falcons, Atlanta United, and concerts at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 

There are 16 Field Level Suites at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, 8 suites are located behind the endzone. 


Field Level Suites hold 10-22 guests and are typically priced from  $4,000 - $27,000. Pricing will depend on the location of the suite and the demand for the event.

Included in Field Level Suite

The unbelievable view of the action is only where the VIP experience starts. Each Field Suite includes:

  • In-Suite Concierge Service
  • Private Bathrooms
  • Early Access
  • VIP Parking Passes
  • 3 Rows of 6 Leather Seats Raised 6 Feet Above the Field

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